Sunday, April 18, 2010

Favourite layouts

This morning I spent some time going through old "questions of the week" at Let's Scrap - you never know what might give you inspiration, it needn't always be a sketch! One of them asked what was my favourite layout ever. My immediate answer was: "impossible to say." So many different scrapbooking moments and styles and I like each layout because of so many different reasons I just can't make up my mind.
But only a couple of hours later I was putting finished layouts in albums (which I hate and so layouts get piled up before I finally do it) and I found this one:

It's still not my absolute favourite; if I looked I might find others I like better, but it is probably in the top ten. I like the style and the colours, but most of all I like the journalling. I did it for a Let's Scrap challenge in which you had to journal about what you felt when you saw the photograph, not the activity in the photograph itself. It gave me the perfect excuse to write about the two people I love most in the whole world and the relationship between them. Something to treasure.

The Layout is based on sketch ls107 from Let's Scrap.

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