Tuesday, August 07, 2012

A long awaited post

Sometimes life means blog posts need to wait, but when friends start to worry and send you messages to see if you are OK, then you definitely know it has been too long. My friends, it is so sweet of you to have asked if everything is OK, and I am sorry you worried about us. Everybody in our family is OK, even our poor fish, who were left with an automatic feeder that was turning around (I checked that) but apparently did not feed them at all, as it is as full now as it was three weeks ago. I feel so sorry for the little creatures, they were starving! Anyway, nothing happened to them, and they have been fed a little (didn't want to give them too much after weeks of starvation) and will be fed more tomorrow. Six happy little fish!
We had two fabulous weeks travelling... guess where? 

Getting a little bit of Olympic spirit, and taking a little girl to play with the snow:

Ok, yes, it was dirty and was more ice than snow, but for her, it was a dream come true, and considering we were in the middle of July, I think we did quite well. :)

But then came the best part. We returned only to find out we had no internet or cable TV (or telephone, but we don't use that a lot...), but we did have something much, much better. Our family visiting all the way from Peru. My brother in law, his wife, and their two kids were here for some days, and nobody remembered there was no cable or internet. It was really a blessing not to have them when we had such fabulous company to spend the time with!

They are funny, kind, warm, interesting, loving, caring, a pleasure to spend time with. And so, my friends, another week went by with lovely company and no internet. Internet came back an hour before they left yesterday (talk about timing!) and I was waiting to finish uploading all my class materials for my upcoming class before I posted here, but it really was taking too long. 

Having a final look at my HOT TRENDS 2012 classes, I can say I am proud of what I have created. The classes have tons of content, the handouts and videos look great, the layout examples are easy to put into practice but look beautiful. I don't think I will be able to use Chevrons, Twine, Decorative Tape or Doilies for some time now, but I am sure the students who enroll in the class will enjoy it for sure. If you would like to have a look at it, you can check it HERE.

Remember, if you are interested in only of of the four individual weeks, you can just sign up for that! And since I have been so bad to my blog followers leaving them for weeks until they worried, I would like to offer a FREE seat in the whole HOT TRENDS 2012 class to you, worth $49.99. If you are interested in the free seat, please write to me at cgarrido@scrapbooknewsandreview.com 

I will be back on the day classes start (August 10) to let you know what the first day feels like!
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