Thursday, November 22, 2012

I am thankful for having had you as part of my life

I woke up today to very, very sad news. My dear friend Betty Anne Orr passed away yesterday. She was ill and she was fighting and I was certain she was going to get better, but she didn't. Still I had to go and share Thanksgiving celebrations with my daughter's class and think and talk about the things we are grateful for. Sad as I am today, I am immensely grateful for having had Betty Anne as a friend. She was that kind of person that made the world a better place just for being there. She had a kind word for everybody, she had time for everybody who needed it, even when she was going through rough times she would find time to ask if my daughter's ear infection was responding to the medications and she was feeling better or if she was feeling OK in her new school. She was the soul of Let's Scrap, and she would never leave a layout in the gallery without a comment, she always knew how to find the best about everything and everybody. I am already missing her terribly, and I know there are lots of people who are missing her with me. 

I met Betty Anne through scrapbooking, and I would like to share one of her beautiful layouts with you in my blog today. It was hard to choose because so many of her layouts tell great stories and different things about her, but I think this one shows exactly the kind of loving person she was.

My friend, you will be missed. 


Debby de Wilde said...

A very pretty post Caro and yes, it was an honor to have known her. The world lost a very special person but Heaven just gained a very special Angel. {{{HUGS}}}

Cathy's Obsessions said...

A beautiful post Caro... Betty Anne will be missed by so many. Even though I never met her in person I could feel her smiles thru the miles, hear her laughing at goofy things said and feel her hugs to us all. Hugs to you too!!

Sue said...

Such sad news :( Betty Anne was a kind caring person and will be greatly missed by many. Hugss Xxx

Denise said...

I find myself thinking about Betty more and more these days. She is missed by so many. I hope you and your family are doing well, Caro.

Denise said...

Where are you at Caro? I'm (like so many others I'm sure) are missing your awesome layouts and posts abut what is going on in your life. Hugs!

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