Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hop, hop, hopping comes the Easter bunny!

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This house is ready for Easter! My daughter started school again last Monday, only to find out that a HUGE number of kids were sick from a new virus that causes lots of fever, and her doctor advised we should keep her at home at least for this week, so she's back at home. Of course, now she is at home but she is feeling fine and has LOTS of energy, plus she is really bored from so many weeks without any friends, so it has not been the easiest of weeks... In the end, we started with her birthday party planning (months ahead) and planning the Easter egg hunt that her class will have next week. I will be going to the class with some mums before the trip to help the kids make baskets to put their eggs in, so we are getting all that ready (the bunny and ducky baskets will look so pretty!). I also want to make some cupcakes for them, and to make them look pretty I created some cupcake wrapper baskets I will show you later on. But first, a fifteen minute Easter layout! 


This was so easy to make! I just cut two paper strips, put some tulle and ribbon above (Can't see the tulle? I'll show a close-up below), and used almost the whole pack of these cute Imaginisce embellies to decorate. No, it is not the latest and bestest in scrapbooking design, but it came together in a few minutes and my daughter just loves it! Here is a close up of the tulle under the ribbon, a very girly touch:

And now the cupcake wrappers. To make them, I printed out this template, and added a handle, ribbons and embellies. They really look cute, and can be filled with a cupcake with green frosting and a couple of eggs, like the one in the front, or simply little eggs, like the ones in the back. 

There are a ton of Easter projects at Practical Scrappers today, so if you are looking for inspiration, you'll surely find it there! And, if you have some time, could let me know if you are planning any Easter crafts? Would love to take a peek!

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