Monday, March 29, 2010

Birthday eggs? Easter balloons?

The second double layout for Let's Scrap's March Challenge. I've seen so many great egg designs in this month's issue of Creating Keepsakes that I absolutely had to do some, but I had no Easter photos, so I turned them into balloons. I actually like the balloons much more than the finished page!!!

Brads, stickers, and a stamp.

This one includes the names of all the people in the picture. It doesn't seem like you ever will forget them when the photo is new, but after some time (and especially if you are living a nomadic life) you may forget some of them!

Stamped and painted with markers. I'm so glad I have finally used those birthday stamps!

Ribbon and trim lace.

Epoxy brads and doodles.

The finished page looks like this:

Not one of my favourite, especially because I don't like the way the inking looks on the red cardstock, but I try not re-do things once they are finished and I have run out of red cardstock anyway!

Click here to see Joannie McBride's fabulous egg accents!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Working hard

Yes, I know I decided 12 days ago that there wasn't enought time to complete Cheri's double-layout March challenge, but I have changed my mind!!! I have 4 days to do 4 double layouts and I am not a fast scrapbooker, so, it's time to work, work, work!!!!! Keep you posted on the results!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Let's Scrap - Sketch 3-17-10

This week's Let's Scrap sketch was a card sketch, but after over two weeks without scrapping I felt like working on a layout:

And since there is a two-page LO month-long challenge going on -which I will not have time to complete :(- I decided to add a second page to this layout.

And though I finished both pages on Monday morning, I forgot to post them, so I lost my chance to win a prize.... :(

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We're back!

We are back and we have four big suitcases waiting for me to unpack. No scrapbooking today.... :(.... There was a lovely new kit waiting for me in the mail box, so I will make sure everything's ready today, to scrapbook tomorrow!!!!
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