Monday, May 31, 2010

Question of the day

I am in charge of asking the Question of the Day for the next three days at Practical Scrappers. Today's question is:

Are you a chronological scrapper? How do you choose which photos to scrap?
I am not a chronological scrapper, I have about 12 unfinished albums at the moment, and never ever finished one! I scrap what inspires me at the moment, in any order, so I don't think I'll ever finish an album. I have just received a package with two extra albums in the mail so that's 14 now!

I'd love to read your comments, see how you organize your albums and choose the order in which you scrap photos. Please, leave your comment here or at Practical Scrappers' message board.


Wendy Crowe said...

I USED to be a chronological scrapper. But since I started doing challenges, some of them call for a specific theme, so it's too hard now. Now I just have a huge box of pictures and I just grab what I need to work on. I really have to cut back on what I print...I can't have 12 pages every time we go to the

Caro said...

Talk to me about zoo layouts!!!!!!!!! How many zoo layouts can one person have????? We love zoos and the local one is not very good so every time we travel (and remember we are nomads!) we visit every zoo in the area, I definitely have too many zoo pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Scorpian Crafter said...

I have never been a chronological scrapper. I use 12X12 & 8 1/2X11 D-ring Binders. So, I can choose a picture and do a layout based on what I feel like working on that day. Or, I base it on what new goodies I want to use on a page.

CraftyGirl said...

I jump around like a jumping bean!! Sometimes it has to do with the challenge, sometimes it is new paper I have picked up... it really just depends on my mood most days!!
Barb :)

Betty Anne said...

I'm like you Caroline, I don't scrap in any order so don't have many albums done. I have worked on two albumns in the past for gifts but found I got bored working on the same subject all the time. Now I just scrap what moves me or what works best with a challenge.

Caro said...

Good to know I'm not the only one. I've read about scrapping chonologically so many times that I felt I was the only messy scrapper!!!

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