Saturday, July 10, 2010


This scrapping nomad is moving again, this time a couple of continents away. On a personal level this is very good news, we've been here for 6 years and it's time to move on. On a scrapbooking level, this has meant I have had to resign as a DT for a second term at Practical Scrappers, which was a very difficult decision to make. I tried to look for ways to meet my deadlines while we moved but there is really no way you can scrap when your materials are in a container somewhere over the sea! I hope I can join the team again once we've settled in our new home. It's been lots of fun and I will miss it a lot!

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Denise said...

How exciting for you! Sorry you had to step down from PS, but I'm sure they'll take you back when your settled in a heartbeak!

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