Saturday, November 06, 2010

Let's Scrap 11-3-10

I've started to scrap again, yesterday I worked on Let's Scrap 11-3-10 sketch, and a card sketch that will be revealed in a couple of weeks. I find it so hard to scrap, though. I've been blaming my lack of stash for my mojo problems, but I guess that's not the real cause. The thing is, I can't find my "style" back. I play around with materials for hours and  still can't get the look I like. I guess I'll just have to be patient and continue scrapping, things will eventually go back to normal. Or I might find a different style altogether! Here is 11-3-10:


Hope my inspiration decides to come back soon, I really need it!
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Denise said...

That sucks girl. I think your layout is darling, but it must grate to take hours on every layout. Maybe you need fresh pictures to inspire you or shop for something new to use? Hope it comes back in a hurry for you :)))

Betty Anne said...

I love your layout Carolina. I took a break with scrapping when things were so busy around my son's wedding. I really found it hard to get back into it. I think I kind of liked the break and not having to get challenges and things done. It took me a bit to get my mojo back but now I am back loving it. Hope the same happens for you.

CraftyGirl said...

What are you talking about?! This is beautiful!! I think you have found your mojo!! I love the border punches and that gorgeous border running through the middle of the page!! Beautiful LO!!
barb :)

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