Saturday, October 20, 2012

Birthday wrapping with pompons

I am an awful present wrapper. But whenever we give a group present to somebody, since I am the one making the card, the wrapping usually falls in my hands as well, and I always feel embarrassed to be giving a lousily wrapped present to someone who deserves better. So, I have started looking for better wrapping options in Pinterest, and boy have I found some lovely ones.

Armed with lots of courage, this weekend I tried a wrapping idea using pompons with two presents (yes, DD has TWO birthday parties today, one right after the other, am I lucky or what?). I wanted to use kraft paper to wrap the presents but forgot to buy it, so I used fabric instead. DD loves buying fabric and whenever we go by the shop she will beg for a yard of a different colour. It is much cheaper than a toy, and she has some very creative uses for it, so I always give in and buy her some. Plus, I can steal from her stash when I need some!

My first present is for a little princess who is turning four and is, of course, having a Princess Party. Pink was a MUST for this present, and the crown was a cute touch.

The second one was for a big boy, turning 7, and since this number is so important to him, we wanted to make it part of the wrapping (DD's idea).


For both presents I simply wrapped them in fabric using my glue gun, added the string lines which I glued under the fabric on one of the sides and then wrapped around the presents, and finally added the pompons, in different colours ans sizes. I cut the crown and seven in glitter foam, and then added a happy birthday sentiment sticker and DD added her name next to it. All in all, a huge improvement from my previous, awfully wrapped presents! DD even asked: "Mom, why are you being so creative today?" Like she can still be surprised about mom getting a sudden burst of unexpected inspiration!

This weekend is bringing big things with it, so come later and pay a visit if you can!

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Mo said...

ooooh! love this! pinning to my board! ;)

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