Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Exploring the swamp

It's been a very-busy-no-scrapbooking week, as we have family visiting and we've been showing the island to them. Yesterday afternoon we went to the Caroni swamp, which is an amazing place. Fifteen thousand scarlet ibises (Trinidad's national bird) come to spend the night here, so around sunset, it is a unforgettable sight. Here is my little explorer ready for the trip:

These are some of the other inhabitants we saw on the way there:

Kind of makes you think if the life vests would be useful at all if the boat sank with this kind of creatures around! 

And this is when the ibises begin to come and fill up the tree. I found it hard to take a good picture of this amazing moment, but these are my best attempts, not close enough to real life!

So happy I got a few minutes to share this with you! I'll be back with some Halloween altered projects (remember the lanterns I was painting) on Thursday. Thanks for visiting my blog!


Denise said...

These pictures are amazing Caro!!! What a facinating place to visit :)

Tracey ~ GardenOfGrace said...

What gorgeous photos, TFS!! ~ Blessings

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