Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween lanterns

Practical Scrappers had a Halloween feature last week, and I decided to prepare some ornaments for it. I had a very busy week last week, spending time with our visitors, so I am only posting them now. I found a bunch of very cheap paper lanterns in a local shop, and they quickly became my project. I painted them black, orange and white first (yes, I even painted the white ones to give them a more finished look). Here's my little helper doing her job (or pretending to do it for the camera!!!):

As soon as they dried, I started having fun with them, and this is the result:

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I got lots of inspiration from Halloween projects I saw in Pinterest, here is my Halloween board. I think DD's friends will really enjoy having these lanterns hanging above them during the party! I have another busy but crafty week getting ready for the school's International Food Fair. I am in charge of decorating the booth for Argentina and Uruguay, and preparing souvenirs for the 1000 visitors we are expecting. Will give you some peeks of my projects as soon as I finish them!

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