Saturday, February 05, 2011

I've ridden on Thomas!

I'm still trying to finish all my resolutions for Let's Scrap's blog hop before the deadline, so here is my LO for Resolution #10. This is a trash to treasure challenge, and as soon as I had a look at Megan's example I knew what I had to scrap: the "I've ridden on Thomas" sticker I've had on my desk for months, always fearing it will get lost or damaged (it has miraculously managed to avoid several coffee spills by just millimeters!). I added another trash to treasure item: a fabric tag I'd cut from DD's pyjamas a year ago.

And in case you are wondering why my husband's face is so small when you compare it to the restt of his body, it's because he was posing in a Fat Controller sign! LOL!

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