Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rosie and me

You may be wondering who Rosie is.... well, she is DD's favourite doll in the world. She got a set of almost identical twin dolls for Christmas, but for some reason, she has taken to love only one of them (the other one always misbehaves and spends her days in time out!!!). Last week, she painted her face and wanted Rosie to have exactly the same look. I love this photo, and wanted to scrap it as soon as I took it, so I used it for Challenge 85 at Let's Scrap. For this challenge I used fabric, ribbon (well, not exactly ribbon, but I guess it counts) and metal. I made the pinwheel embellies and used both acrylic paint and ink in the background. 

And this is a close up of the pinwheels:

This was lots of fun, Kathy, so glad I could take part in this challenge!

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Kathy said...

I am so glad that you jumped into this challenge, Caro, and you page is absolutely terrific! Love these papers, and the bright colors, but that photo........just too cute!!! Gotta love little girls...their minds are always spinning!!

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