Monday, March 28, 2011

Nature month at Sunday Shutterbugs

I've been meaning to take nature pictures for this month's challenge at Sunday Shutterbugs for a couple of weeks already, and it would have been so easy to just go out and do it in the garden, but I wanted sth different this time. Yesterday we went to visit Fort George, an old British Fort overlooking Port of Spain, and it was the perfect chance. My first pic is one of a plant similar to grass and the view of the city centre and the sea. 

The other two pics are from a tree we saw at Fort George. It is called calabasa, which is very similar to our word for pumpkin in Argentina (calabaza). I found this to be such an interesting tree to represent nature, lots of different shades of green, tiny plants growing from the trunk and branches, and those amazing fruits!!!!!!!!!! Love the trees around here, they are just amazing!

I was planning to take pics for the Let's Photograph challenge as well, but forgot I had to take two pics of each object, a good one and bad one, so will have to work on that another day!


Jessica said...

Love the grass/cityscape shot! Just breathtaking!

Corinna said...

That tree is so cool!


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