Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Hi, I am back from a gorgeous long weekend we spent in Barbados. After the car crash, and the awful things that have been going on around so many of our friends in Libya, we really needed some relaxation, and Barbados (less than an our away) looked like the right place. It was! Te beach is great, the island is beautiful, and the sea breeze makes the weather perfect! Here are a few pics:

Taking a walk after breakfast. This is my Aleida's Challenge pic for February. 

Ready for the beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this is a photo I took for the Sunday Shutterbugs' January theme: shapes. I loved the shape of the things inside the flower the bee is feeding from (sorry, lack the word for them!), they are all shaped like tiny bottles. Just like bottles of honey! Maybe you can see them better here:

And, yes, I do realize we are in March already, but I read some older Sunday Shutterbugs post and didn't see the date, so I kept looking for shapes!!!


Linette said...

what camera do you use the quality is amazing

Corinna said...

LOL Carolina, you are so funny! Who cares if it's a shape....that is a GREAT photo! I'm partial to flowers in my photography and I really love this one. I think those are called stamen, but I'm not 100% sure! LOL


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