Sunday, March 06, 2011

Red close-ups

I've been playing a little with my camera this afternoon. Debby has started a great photo group with tips and challenges at Let's Scrap. The challenge this week was getting closer - using the macro funtion. Also, Sunday Shutterbugs had a red colour challenge, so I chose red flowers in my garden as the subject of my first two pics. The third one, the one I like most, is the stem of a cactus-like plant in our front yard. 


Linette said...

love the pics TFS! If you look close the the bottom plant it looks like it has a grin lol

Carolina said...

Thanks, Linette! You asked about my camera in a previous post and I forgot to answer. It's a Canon PowerShot SX1IS... still trying to learn how to use it!!!!!!!!!!!

Linette said...

I have the cannon Rebel SX and i loved it......well until i sold it to my little sis..... i need to buy another one lol but LOVE your pics :)

Corinna said...

Oh, I love the beautiful flower in the first photo, but that last one is a really great macro shot! So glad you joined in with us on Sunday Shutterbugs Carolina! :)


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